Cat; Painter of Pictures

'Sup, I'm Azure. I'm an furry artist and graphic designer. Here you'll find links to my various social platforms, information on commissions, and a selected portfolio of my work.

Full Illustrations - $80

A fully illustrated piece of your character. By default, includes 1 fullbody, detailed background, and a painterly finish.Additional Characters: +$20
Extra Versions: +$20 ea.

Colored Sketches - $40

A colored sketch of your character. By default, includes 1 fullbody, simple shading, and abstract/simple background.Additional Characters: +$10
Different Versions: +$10 ea.

Ref Sheets - $60

By default, comes with 2 unshaded full bodies & type treatment (character name & information)Addons:Headshot - $10 - a shoulders-up bust of your character.Fullbody - $20 - an additional unshaded fullbody of your character, any viewShaded Fullbody - $30 - an additional fullbody of your character, with shading like that of a colored sketch.Props - $5 - Clothing, items, and other objects that aren't your character.

Please take a moment to read over my terms of service. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask me.

Hi, I'm Azure.

I'm a furry artist and graphic designer from Southern California. I joined the fandom back in 2017, and began drawing the subsequent year. Professionally, I've been a fandom artist for 2 years now. Being apart of the fandom has really provided me with the opportunity to strengthen my art and push it to new lengths.Thank you for visiting my page, I hope I can work with you soon!